Rat Training Package
Rat Training Package
Rat Training Package
Rat Training Package
Rat Training Package
Rat Training Package
Rat Training Package
Rat Training Package

Rat Training Package

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"The universal problem with today's knives is that they are designed and built by people who don't use knives for anything but to cut strings and open boxes.  We need knives designed by guys who are experts in their use.  No frills, no sheaths the size of boat paddles - just 100% effective form and function."

-Tuhon Harley Elmore

The Blade

The Rat was designed by Harley Elmore, Tuhon in Sayoc Kali and Full Instructor under Dan Inosanto.  It was designed and created after years of working with the highest level of Military Operators   and is the result of their direct feedback and Tuhon Harley's lifetime of training.  

The Rat is specifically designed for ease of carry, concealment and deployment.  The length lets the user achieve the thrusting depth needed to reach deep arteries and internal organs.  The width allows for blade to fit into tight openings in bone

The narrow spear like point configuration is designed for maximum penetration through web gear and clothing.  The unique finger choil allows for quick, dexterous changes in direction and prevents riding up onto blade’s edge

The Handle 

This design actually grabs you as you draw the blade, creating a positive purchase on the handle and a consistent draw. Each "hump" on the handle is designed to become progressively more aggressive, ensuring a consistent and positive grip on the blade when drawing from concealment with speed.  The G-10 handle scales allow for comfort, durability and low profile design to improve concealment
There are two handle types to choose from.  
The Stock Handle has minor checkering.
The Contoured Handle has a more aggressive grip with deeper groves. 



The Trainer

The trainer is an exact replica of the live blade but with a couple of small but important changes.
The tip of the RAT Trainer is 0.5 inches shorter than the real blade.  When you practice with a trainer, you touch your target with the tip but cannot enter the target.  This shorter design builds an automatic half inch penetration into your targeting and negates the training scar created by using trainers. 
The anodized blue color is a safety standard in Military training.  All inert training devices are blue. (blue guns, blue Claymores, etc.)

The Rat blade is not intended for wood or an other hard surface.  Misuse can cause the tip to bend, dull or break.  If practicing thrusting techniques be sure to utilize your training blade.   

*Due to the nature of the live blade and trainer feeling exactly the same:   PRIOR TO TRAINING, ALWAYS VISUALLY ENSURE YOU HAVE THE TRAINER IN YOUR SHEATH AND YOUR LIVE WEAPON SAFELY SECURED. 

The Sheath

Designed by the Sayoc Tactical Group and custom made by HeadHunter Blades, this sheath fits both the live blade and the trainer.  Simply take the live blade from your sheath, place it in a safe location, put the trainer in the sheath, and you are ready to train!  When you are done, reverse the process.
 It is completely ambidextrous, allowing both the blade and the trainer to be inserted edge up or down and thus can be worn on the right or left side.
HeadHunter Blades uses small rivets to ensure a small and lightweight sheath, spring clips with a garment hook to ensure a positive lock onto garments, and expertly molded Kydex.

Rat Specs: 

OAL  7 1/8 inches
Blade width 3/4 of an inch
Blade length 3 1/4 inches
Blade thickness 1/8 of inch
Handle length 3 7/8 inches
Blade AUS 8 Steel
Blade coating Titanium Nitride
G 10 Handles
Custom Kydex sheath

*Disclaimer* HeadHunter blades are designed specifically to be self defense weapons. Misuse may result in injury to yourself or your blade. Buyer agrees to hold HeadHunter Blades, Warrior’s Way International Inc., Sayoc Kali® and/or their respective affiliated organizations harmless in the event of damage or loss resulting from their use or misuse. Buyer is solely responsible for observing local laws and should be aware that edged tools, knives and the like may be illegal to possess or carry where you live.

VERY IMPORTANT! Buyer is solely responsible for customs clearance for whatever country their order ships to. Customers must check with their local customs officials to determine the legality of all items ordered. HeadHunter Blades is not responsible for any items seized by customs and will not knowingly make shipments to countries where any items are illegal.

By entering into any transaction with HeadHunter Blades, buyer implies having read and understood this disclaimer.